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Through the years many ideas have been utilized to prevent theft of and/or entry into a vehicle. There have been keyed ignition switches, keyed door locks, ignition by-pass switches, audible and visual alarms, steering wheel locks, brake locks, steering column locks, transmission locks, wheel locks, exploding smoke bombs, taser steering locks, tracking systems, etc.

So why are vehicles owners who buy and try these solutions still being targeted? Why are the same number of vehicles (with security systems) still being stolen every year even with all the advances in technology?

Convenience Factor

  • The Convenience Factor is probably the most crucial and most ignored aspect of vehicle security. How convenient is the security system or device to the owner of the vehicle? A vehicle owner will, at some point, simply stop using an inconvenient system or use it only sometimes.
  • The effect of the convenience factor can be seen all the time if one is looking for it. Have you ever noticed a massive, high-tech vault door in a bank that is left wide open all day? Why? Because it is inconvenient to open and close a massive vault door every time a customer wants to access their safe deposit box. Leaving the vault door open makes that vault completely ineffective in providing the security it was designed for.
  • Another example would be steering wheel locks. We have all seen them and if we are honest, most of the time we see them in the floor board of the vehicle rather than on the steering wheel. After a while it simply becomes too inconvenient to go through the lock and unlock procedure every time you get in and out of the vehicle. Eventually, the vehicle owner stops using the device altogether, rendering it useless in providing security.

Inconvenient = Not Used = No Security.

**Read the Viper Custom Automotive, LLC.

Our Products


One Bolt


Additional AutoBolts MSRP $150.00 each IF ordered with 2 bolt kit,
otherwise individual bolts are MSRP $195.00”
When ordering more than 10 kits see      Fleet

Two-Door Kit


Includes: 2 AutoBolt SS, 2 Ramp Latches, mounting screws, tie wraps, wire, impression tape, warranty card.When ordering more than 10 kits see Fleet

Auto Bolt Strength Test


Difficulty Factor


The difficulty factor deals directly with the motivations of a vehicle thief. A thief’s motivation is always personal gain at someone else’s expense while expending the least amount of effort. Vehicle thieves embody the definition of lazy. The more difficult it is for the thief to steal your vehicle, the less likely it will be stolen.

The problem with difficulty is that once a security system has been on the market, the professional thief learns how to defeat that system rendering it less effective. This is one of the reasons why The Auto-Bolt™ was created to leverage the ‘The Layered Approach’.The layered approach, which is recommended by the National Insurance Crime Bureau.



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