Difficulty Factor

  • It provides peace of mind knowing that a thief cannot pull the door open….period!
  • Its stainless steel construction is solid, strong, effective and durable
  • The installation is simple, quick, and easily maintained
  • Not only can your side and rear doors be secured, but the design allows installation on ALL doors including front doors and sliders.
  • 3 year limited warranty against defects gives you worry free operation.
  • Manual override release assures no accidental lockage of workmen in the back of the vehicle.
  • Real peace of mind that your tools and equipment (valuables) will remain where you left stored.
  • Simple design with only one moving part.
  • Of money back guarantee* before installation and within 21days if receipt.
  • American made with pride, crafted, hand assembled and hand tested.

You wouldn’t think of driving your vehicle without insurance even though you hope you never need it…. Provide that security for the tools and equipment that earn you the ability to provide for your family and your business.