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The upgrade of the manual override was specially done with the corporations in mind that could have a potential liability if a workmen were to accidentally be locked in the back of a work vehicle and become ill or incapacitated on a hot day and not have the transmitter in hand to unlock the AutoBolt SS. The emergency release for at least one door prevents that from happening and thereby providing Security AND Safety (SS) for the equipment, tools AND occupants. Another real benefit, depending on your needs, but the AutoBolt SS can be used on all doors, locking the vehicle up tight as a drum. Most others are limited to certain adaptations.

We also understand that when making an investment in vehicle security, you want what is worry free, reliable, and maintains its value throughout its duty time. That is why the AutoBolt SS is carefully made from premium quality materials, to be strong, maintenance free, simple to use and install.
We are pleased to present a device of such value that it far exceeds its cost to value ratio.
As most fleet owners aware….you can always buy cheaper…but it is quality that wins the day.
Price is only ever a concern in the absence of value and the AutoBolt SS ranks at the top as a world class vehicle security system loaded with value. Put your mind at ease and contact us regarding your near or future plans for upgrading your fleet and who (if any) does the up-fitting for your vehicle.

We’d love to chat and help find the best solution for your vehicle Security and Safety needs…..for fleet orders for 25kits and above, it will only take us 10 weeks to fill the order…to help coordinate installation planning!

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