Viper Custom Automotive, LLC.


“Blazing New Paths in Public Service Safety”

As a leader in the Emergency Services Fleet Upfitting Industry, and a recognized Emergency Vehicle Authority and Certification Company, we are proud to give our endorsement to THE AUTO-BOLT.

Our Technicians have tested this product under the most extreme of conditions, and are happy to announce that it has exceeded all of our expectations and passed our 24 point new product integrity test, the results are shown below. This product is the only one of its kind that we have found that not only protects your automotive investment, but also DETERS thieves. Their ingenious design and effective application makes your car virtually impenetrable and unstealable. We have spent many hours trying to find a way to defeat this product and have come up with none other than to find a car that does not have this product installed in it.

Deterrence - PASS Strength - PASS Remote Clone - PASS
Anti-Theft - PASS Magnetism - PASS Hot-Wire - PASS
Pressure (Mechanical) - PASS Bypass - PASS Starter - PASS
Forcible Entry - PASS Short Circuit - PASS Hot-Wire Bypass - PASS
Appearance - PASS Battery Disconnect - PASS Shatter Resistance - PASS
Pressure (Manual) - PASS Ground out - PASS Interior Breech - PASS
Integratable - PASS Code Reader - PASS Safety - PASS
Malfunction - PASS Power Loss - PASS Slimjim - PASS

Having passed our 24 Point Inspection we are pleased to give THE AUTO-BOLT our Endorsement and are happy to provide this AMAZING product to our customers. We will be upfitting our ENTIRE FLEET with THE AUTO-BOLT.

Congratulations on creating such a well thought out, effective and one of a kind product.